Resource NameTypeLast HarvestedDurationExit CodeTotal RecordsWrittenJob Output
WCS-OrchidaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 hours, 44 minutes, 25 seconds and 852 millisecondsUNKNOWN11835541175763See Report
WCS-RhipogonaceaeDarwin Core Archive1 minute, 38 seconds and 553 millisecondsUNKNOWN00See Report
WCS-AraucariaceaeDarwin Core Archive54 seconds and 512 millisecondsUNKNOWN24602447See Report
WCS-EphedraceaeDarwin Core Archive1 minute, 12 seconds and 866 millisecondsUNKNOWN33903377See Report
WCS-MyrtaceaeDarwin Core Archive47 minutes, 55 seconds and 217 millisecondsUNKNOWN205564205388See Report
WCS-TaxaceaeDarwin Core Archive1 minute, 20 seconds and 630 millisecondsUNKNOWN47564690See Report
WCS-higher-taxonomy-non-monocotsDarwin Core Archive21 seconds and 986 millisecondsUNKNOWN945945See Report
Flora of NepalDarwin Core Archive2 minutes, 42 seconds and 929 millisecondsUNKNOWN24282082See Report
Solanaceae-Source-DwCADarwin Core Archive23 minutes, 16 seconds and 505 millisecondsUNKNOWN10131690109See Report
OpenUp Generic common namesDarwin Core Archive1 minute, 35 seconds and 380 millisecondsUNKNOWN1124810398See Report