Resource NameTypeLast HarvestedDurationExit CodeTotal RecordsWrittenJob Output
Mistletoes of Africa DwCADarwin Core Archive1 second and 731 millisecondsUNKNOWN00See Report
WCS-LanariaceaeDarwin Core Archive13 seconds and 681 millisecondsUNKNOWN10299See Report
WCS-CampynemataceaeDarwin Core Archive13 seconds and 225 millisecondsUNKNOWN8080See Report
WCS-PetrosaviaceaeDarwin Core Archive14 seconds and 694 millisecondsUNKNOWN175172See Report
WCS-JoinvilleaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 416 millisecondsUNKNOWN162162See Report
WCS-AchariaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 567 millisecondsUNKNOWN133131See Report
WCS-BarbeyaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 628 millisecondsUNKNOWN4848See Report
WCS-PhysenaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 880 millisecondsUNKNOWN4544See Report
WCS-SciadopityaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 790 millisecondsUNKNOWN5858See Report
WCS-ViolaceaeDarwin Core Archive15 seconds and 745 millisecondsUNKNOWN109109See Report