This is a synonym of Aquifoliaceae

General Description

Petals usually connate at base; stamens as many as petals; inflorescence axillary; ovary 4–6-celled.

Petals usually connate at the base. Stamens as many as petals. Ovary 4–6-celled. —Trees or shrubs. Leaves usually shining. Inflorescence axillary.

Trees or shrubs. Leaves mostly coriaceous, entire to spinous-toothed; stipules small, persistent or soon falling. Inflorescences solitary or fasciculate, usually composed of 1–few-flowered cymes. Calyx-lobes 4–6(–9), glabrous or ciliolate. Petals 4–6(–9), imbricate, ovate, elliptic or rounded, usually connate at the base. Male flowers with 4–6(–9) stamens. Female flowers with 4–6(–9) staminodes; ovary (2–)4–6(–22)-locular; stigma sessile, discoid, ± lobed. Drupes usually with (1–)4–6(–many) 1(–2)-seeded pyrenes; stigma persistent.

{i}Flowers{/i} perfect. {i}Calyx{/i} small, 4–6 toothed, persistent. {i}Corolla{/i} hypogynous, rotate, 4–6-parted, the segments obtuse, imbricated in æstivation. {i}Stamens{/i} as many as the lobes of the corolla and alternate with them; filaments subulate; anthers introrse, erect, longitudinally dehiscent. {i}Ovary{/i} sessile, 4–6-celled; ovules solitary or in collateral pairs, pendulous from the central angle of the cell. {i}Stigmata{/i} 4–6, sessile. {i}Drupe{/i} baccate, sub-globose, crowned with the stigmata. {i}Seed{/i} inverted; embryo minute, in the apex of fleshy albumen.

Evergreen trees or shrubs. Stipules very small. Inflorescences axillary. Petals shortly connate at the base, imbricate. Stamens as many as the petals. Style absent. Ovules 1 in each loculus. Fruit of 4–5(9) single-seeded pyrenes.


—Endl. Gen. 5705.

Sp. Pl.: 125 (1753) & Gen. Pl., ed. 5: 60 (1754); Loes. in Nova Acta Leop.-Carol. Deutsch. Akad. Naturf. 78: 8–500 (1901)

—F.T.A. 1: 359.

Benth. et Hook. f. Gen. Pl. i. 356.

Sp. Pl. 1: 125 (1753); Gen. Pl. ed. 5: 60 (1754).


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