Anochilus (Schltr.) Rolfe
  • W.H.Harvey & auct. suc. (eds.), Fl. Cap. 5(2): 280 (1913) 

This is a synonym of Pterygodium Sw.
Notes: Distribution: S. Africa

General Description

Odd {i}sepal{/i} inferior, more or less concave; lateral sepals free, spreading or reflexed. {i}Petals{/i} oblique, more or less united to the dorsal sepal into a large concave limb, sometimes ultimately free, not saccate at the base. {i}Lip{/i} superior, united to the face of the column between the stigmatic lobes and arms of the rostellum, narrowed into a claw below, dilated into a broad incurved or reflexed limb above, produced above the junction with the column into a large deflexed, somewhat bilobed appendage. {i}Column{/i} short, dilated, produced in front into two short broadly rounded or oblong spreading arms carrying the glands of the pollinia. {i}Anther-cells{/i} more or less distant; pollinia solitary in each cell, coarsely granular, caudicle and gland uppermost. {i}Stigma{/i} situated between the arms of the rostellum, cushion-shaped or somewhat bilobed. {i}Capsule{/i} oblong, ribbed.


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