Pseudogardenia kalbreyeri (Hiern) Keay
  • Bull. Jard. Bot. État Bruxelles 28: 46 (1958) 

General Description

A forest shrub, usually scrambling, 5-40 ft. high; corolla cream or yellow, streaked, dark red inside.




S. Nig.: Akilla, Ijebu Ode Prov. (Jan.) Emumwen FHI 20684! Omo (formerly part of Shasha) F.R. (Apr.) Ross 239! Owena, Ondo Prov. (Mar.) Darko 189! Uquo, Eket Div. (May) Onochie FHI 33156! Calabar (Jan., Feb.) Holland 8! Kalbreyer 212! Oban Talbot 200! 1311! 1817!

[Br.] Cam.: Abonando, Mamfe Div. (May) Rudatis 56! Kembong, Mamfe Div. (May) Ndep Enoh Cam. 49/38!


l.c. 46 (1958).


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