Pterygodium alatum (Thunb.) Sw.
  • Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Nya Handl. 21: 218 (1800) 

Notes: Distribution: SW. & S. Cape Prov.

General Description

plant 3–6 in. high, turning black in drying; stem moderately stout leaves radical and cauline, 7–12, the lower spreading, oblong-lanceolate, acute, 3/4–1 3/4 in. long, the upper more erect and gradually reduced upwards into the bracts; scapes 3–6 in. high; spikes 1–2 1/2 in. long, rather dense, usually many-flowered; bracts ovate, acute, 4–5 lin. long; pedicels 3–4 lin. long; flowers rather small, pale sulphur-yellow; dorsal sepal lanceolate-oblong, apiculate, 3 1/2 lin. long; lateral sepals spreading, lanceolate-oblong, subobtuse or obscurely apiculate, 3 1/2 lin. long; petals cohering with the dorsal sepal into a large obovate-orbicular limb, 3 1/2 lin. long, outer margin crisped and irregularly crenulate; lip 3-lobed, about 1 1/2 lin. long, by thrice as broad; front lobe broadly triangular, acute; side lobes rounded obovate, crenulate; appendage erect, clavate, somewhat 3-lobed, nearly 3 lin. long, with short broad side lobes, an obtuse front lobe and two keels on the lower two-thirds; arms of the rostellum diverging and ascending; anther-cells very short.


South Africa Clanwilliam Div.; by the Olifants River and near Brakfontein, {i}Ecklon & Zeyher{/i}, 69! Malmesbury Div.; hills near Malmesbury, {i}Bachmann{/i}. Worcester Div.; mountains near De Liefde, 1000–2000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 1255 b! Paarl Div.; Drakenstein Mountains, {i}Rehmann{/i}, 2233! Klein Drakenstein Mountains, 5000–6000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 1255 a! near Wellington, {i}Miss Cummings{/i}. Cape Div.; mountains near Cape Town, 50–1860 ft., {i}Thunberg{/i}! {i}Ecklon{/i}, 673! {i}Bolus{/i}, 3930! {i}Pillans, Wilms{/i}, 3652! {i}Marloth, Schlechter{/i}, 1355! 1356! 1455, {i}Rogers{/i}! {i}Wolley-Dod{/i}, 500! Stellenbosch Div.; near Stellenbosch, {i}Lloyd in Herb. Sanderson{/i}, 925! {i}Marloth, Prior{/i}! Lowrys Pass, 250 ft., {i}Schlechter{/i}, 1153, {i}Miss Farnham in MacOwan & Bolus, Herb. Norm. Austr.-Afr.{/i} 337! Caledon Div.; Zwart Berg, near Caledon, 400–2000 ft., {i}Zeyher{/i}, 3944, {i}Bolus{/i}. Swellendam Div.; near Swellendam, {i}Zeyher{/i}! 3948!

South Africa without locality, {i}Masson{/i}! {i}Brown{/i}! {i}Mund{/i}! {i}Thom{/i}! {i}Harvey{/i}, 132!


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Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa Southern Africa Cape Provinces


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