Rytigynia neglecta (Hiern) Robyns
  • Bull. Jard. Bot. État Bruxelles 11: 183 (1928) 

Notes: Distribution: Cameroon to Ethiopia and Kenya

General Description

Scrambling shrub or small understorey tree about 15 ft. high; flowers greenish-white; in montane forest.

Shrub or small tree 1–9 m. tall, with spreading branches often flowering when leaves are ± unexpanded; young shoots brown, ridged and lenticellate, the older with pale grey corky bark. Leaf-blades elliptic, 2–14.5 cm. long, 1.5–6.5 cm. wide, tapering acuminate at the apex, the tip acute, cuneate to ± rounded at the base, mostly drying pale green with costa yellowish, glabrous save for sparsely hairy domatia or with sparse pubescence; petiole 5–8 mm. long, yellowish; stipule-bases joined to form a sheath 3(–4) mm. long, pilose within and usually a decurrent appendage projecting 2–3(–7) mm. Cymes umbel-like or fasciculate, up to 10-flowered but usually (1–)3–6: peduncle 1–2 mm. long or ± suppressed; pedicels 1–3 mm. long, up to 4–7 mm. long in fruit; bracts forming an involucre which when peduncle is poorly developed appear sessile at the node. Buds completely rounded. Calyx-tube 1.5 mm. long; limb 0.3–0.5 mm. long, minutely denticulate. Corolla green or yellow; tube 2 mm. long, with a ring of deflexed hairs within. Ovary 2-locular; style 3.5 mm. long; stigmatic club large and bilobed, 1.2 mm. wide. Fruit black, didymous and closely resembling many species of Canthium, 8–9 mm. long and wide, with 1–2 pyrenes.


; in montane forest.


[Br.] Cam.: below Musaka, about 5,000 ft., Cam. Mt. (Apr., May) Maitland 648! Hutch. & Metcalfe 30! Bamenda: Mbakakeka Mt., 7,800 ft. (fr. July) Lightbody FHI 30112! Lakom, 6,000 ft. (May) Maitland 1359! L, Oku, 7,200 ft. (Jan.) Keay & Lightbody FHI 28490!


in B.J.B.B. 11: 183 (1928), pro parte; E.P.A.: 1008 (1965); Verdc. in K.B. 42: 158 (1987). Ethiopia, “7000–8000 ft.” [Begemder], Schimper 1106 (K, holo.!, BM, E, iso.!)

l.c. 183 (1928).

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa East Tropical Africa Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Northeast Tropical Africa Ethiopia
  • Sudan
  • West-Central Tropical Africa Cameroon
  • Zaire


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