Triceratorhynchus Summerh.
  • Summerh., Bot. Mus. Leafl. 14: 232 (1951)

This is a synonym of Angraecinae Summerh.

General Description

Epiphytic herbs with a short many-leaved stems. Leaves distichous, linear, unequally bilobed at apex. Inflorescence spreading, elongate, laxly few–many-flowered. Flowers small, pedicellate. Sepals and petals free, subsimilar. Lip obscurely 3-lobed, concave at base, ovate, acute, spurred, ecallose; spur filiform, elongate, longer than or equalling lip in length. Column short, fleshy; anther hemisphaerical, erose on apical margin; pollinia 2, ovoid; stipites 2, very short, slender; viscidia 2, oblong-elliptic, twice as long as each stipes; rostellum complex, porrect, 3-pronged in front and behind, the central prong in front shorter than the outer ones.

Epiphytic herbs. Roots basal. Stem leafy. Leaves distichously arranged, linear, acute at bilobed apex, with a sheathing, distichous base. Inflorescence axillary, longer than leaves, severalflowered; bracts triangular. Flowers resupinate, green. Sepals and petals linear-tapering, not spreading widely. Labellum concave at base, obscurely trilobed, ecallose, spurred at base; spur upcurved above ovary, cylindrical, much longer than ovary. Column with an oblong anther, with a fringed margin; pollinia two, ellipsoidal, each attached to a stipe (tegula) and that to its own oblongelliptic viscidium, twice as long as tegula; rostellum porrect, three-pronged, central prong shorter than outer ones. Ovary and pedicel geniculate-twisted.


Pollen of T. viridiflorus has yet to be studied.


The species is an epiphyte on Olea welwitschii Gilg & G.Schellenb. (Oleaceae) and Podocarpus L’Her. ex Pers. (Podocarpaceae) in dense, primary evergreen forest at elevations of 1500–1700 m.


Triceratorhynchus is a monospecific genus from Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania.


There are no published uses for the species, and it is not in common cultivation.


in Bot. Mus. Leafl. Harv. Univ. 14: 232 (1951)

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa East Tropical Africa Kenya
  • Uganda
  • West-Central Tropical Africa Rwanda


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