Dyckia reitzii 
  • L.B.Sm., Anais Bot. Herb. Barbosa Rodrigues" 2(2): 14 (1950)"

This taxon is accepted by WCS higher taxonomy

General Description

Plant flowering 5 dm high. Leaves many in a dense rosette, to 38 cm long; sheaths suborbicular, 35 mm in diameter, laxly serrulate, brown, soon glabrous and sublustrous; blades linear, attenuate, pungent, 10-20 mm wide, smooth and glabrous above, cinereous and strongly nerved beneath, laxly serrate with curved spines 1.5-3 mm long. Scape slender, ferruginous-flocculose; scape-bracts densely imbricate, lanceolate, acuminate, serrulate, cinereous-flocculose. Inflorescence simple, 9-12 cm long, ferruginous-flocculose to subglabrous, densely many-flowered. Floral bracts like the scape-bracts, exceeding the flowers; flowers subspreading, some with additional petals; pedicels stout, 5 mm long. Sepals ovate, acute and cucullate, 8-9 mm long; petals 16 mm long, yellow, the blades rhombic; stamens included, the filaments high-connate above the common tube with the petals; style short.


On sandstone ledge and rocky soil, 1500-2500 m alt.


Minas Gerais to Santa Catarina, Brazil. BRAZIL. MINAS GERAIS: Pedra Lajao, Serra do Caparao, Aug 1941, Brade 16983 (RB, US). PARANA, Piraquara: Summit of Morro Anhangava, 12 Oct 1957, Hatschbacb 4177 (US). SANTA CATARINA, Sao Joaquim: Serra do Oratorio, Born Jardim, 18 Sep 1958, Reitz & Klein 715.7 (HBR, US); 9 Dec 1958, 7690 (HBR, US); Curral Falso, Born jardim, 11 Dec 1958, Reitz & Klein 7797 (HBR, US).

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Brazil Brazil South
Not found in
  • Southern America Brazil Brazil Southeast


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