Ficinia monticola Kunth
  • Enum. Pl. 2: 261 (1837) nom. dub.

This taxon is unplaced

General Description

glabrous; rhizome (seen) short, woody; stems 6–14 in. long, tufted; leaves usually 2/3 the length of the stem, 1/16 in. broad, edges inrolled, sheaths white, scarious, torn; inflorescence a narrow panicle or spike, up to 2 1/4 by 1/3 in.; lowest bract often 1/2 in. distant, overtopping the inflorescence, similar to the leaves, much dilated at the base, chestnut, with white scarious edge (often very conspicuous); Glumes elliptic-lanceolate, acute; nut nearly 1/3 the length of the glume, globose-obovoid, trigonous, smooth; style about as long as the nut, branches 3 linear; gynophore narrow, rather long, margin subentire.


South Africa Swellendam Div.; between Sparrbosch and Tradouw, 3000–4000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 7403! near Swellendam, below 4000 ft., {i}Zeyher{/i}, 4433!


Enum. ii. 261;—Boeck. in Linnæa, xxxvii. 84.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa Southern Africa Cape Provinces


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