Hypodiscus striatus (Kunth) Mast.
  • J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 10: 258 (1869) 

Notes: Distribution: SW. Cape Prov.

General Description

rootstock creeping, covered with brown scales; stems 18–24 in. high, erect, simple or sparingly branched, slender, terete, sulcato-striate; leaf-sheaths tightly convolute, aristate; male Spikelets 3–6, subsessile at the apex of the branches, protected by open, sheath-like, deciduous spathes, spreading, cylindric, acute, many-flowered, rather less than 1/2 in. long; bracts tightly imbricate, oblong, acute, coriaceous, chestnut-brown; outer perianth-segments linear-oblong, apiculate; inner broadly oblong-obovate; anthers apiculate; female spikes solitary or twin, erect, about 1/2 in. long, cylindric-lanceolate, straight or curved; bracts oblong-acute, cartilaginous, brown; outer perianth-segments oblong, acute; inner shorter, broader; staminodes 3, separated from the perianth-segments by a short internode; ovary oblong, coriaceous, surmounted by an epigynous, horny, yellow disc; styles 2, deciduous; fruit stalked, oblong cylindric, tubercled at the apex, yellowish, 1-celled, surrounded by the persistent perianth-segments.

Dioecious, tufted perennial, 0.2-0.6 m tall, often forming widely spreading clumps. Fertile culms blue-green, unbranched, longitudinally grooved, sheaths tightly rolled around culm, green, brown, red-brown or grey. Male spikelets 2 or more, ± globose. Fem


On well-drained soils derived from granite, sandstone or silcrete, in renosterveld.


South Africa Little Namaqualand; Kamies Bergen at Ezels Fontein, 3500–5000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 2479, ♂! 2480, ♀! 2491, ♂!

Kamiesberg and Cederberg Mountains to near Grahamstown.

South Africa Prince Albert Div.; Great Zwart Bergen near Klaarstroom, 3000–4000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 9452, ♀!

South Africa Clanwilliam Div.; Pretoris Kloof, between Piquiniers Kloof and Oliphants River, {i}Drège{/i}, 2484, ♀! Worcester Div.; near Touws River Railway Station, 3000 ft., {i}Bolus{/i}, 7456, ♂! Uniondale Div.; Wagenbooms River in Lange Kloof, {i}Drège{/i}, 2022, ♂! Humansdorp Div.; Kromme River, below 1000 ft., {i}Drège{/i}, 2484b, ♀! Uitenhage Div.; mountains near Elands River, 1000–4000 ft., {i}Zeyher!{/i}

South Africa without locality, {i}Drège{/i}, 2484 bb, ♂! 9613, ♂!


in Journ. Linn. Soc. x. 258;—Mast. in DC. Monog. Phan. i. 385.

Distribution Map

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Found in
  • Africa Southern Africa Cape Provinces


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