Neoregelia laevis 
  • (Mez) L.B.Sm., Contr. Gray Herb. 104: 78 (1934)

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General Description

Leaves about 20 in a lax rosette that is not constricted at apex, to 35 cm long, obscurely and minutely lepidote on both sides; sheaths large, broadly elliptic or ovate, brown-lepidote, sometimes purplish toward apex; blades ligulate, rounded with a minute often deciduous apiculus, 35-45 mm wide, entire or obscurely serrulate, wholly green or with a small purple spot at apex. Inflorescence deeply sunk in the rosette, rather many-flowered; outer bracts broadly ovate, obtuse, much exceeded by the sepals, membranaceous, greenish white, sparsely lepidote. Floral bracts oblong, obtuse, equaling the basal third of the sepal; pedicels obscure, not over 3 mm long. Sepals asymmetric, obovate, broadly rounded, not incurved, 15-18 mm long, connate for 2.5- 5 mm; petals linear, acuminate, fragrant, 2-3 cm long, connate for 6-14 mm, white, spreading at anthesis; filaments highly connate with the petals; ovary subcylindric, ca. 12 mm long.


Terrestrial and epiphytic in forest, 2-700 m alt.


Rio de Janeiro(?) to Rio Grande do Sui(?), Brazil. BRAZIL. Rio de Janeiro: Litora1, 6 Jan 1965, L. Seidell (HBR). Sao Paulo: Registro, 13 Oct 1961, L. Seidel 289 (HBR). Parana: Jacarei, 13 Sep 1914, Dusen 15519 (GH, S, US); 15536 (S); Caioba, 30 Aug 1939, Foster 440 (GH); Guaratuba, 3 Feb 1952, Reitz 4241 (HBR); 21 Feb 1952, L. B. Smith & Reitz 5733 (US); 10 Nov 1962, Hatschbach 11099 (MBM, US); Campina Grande Sui, 12 Nov 1968, Hatschbach 20276 (MBM, US). Santa Catarina: Sao Jose, Florianopoli s, 23 Oct 1929, Hoehne s n (GH , SP); Azambuja, Brusque, I Nov 1948, Reitz 2297 (HBR); Praia Braba, Itajai, 3 Nov 1948, Reitz 2294 (HBR, US); 6 Mar 1952, L. B. Smith & Reitz 6090 (US); Morro da Fazenda, ltajai, 3 Nov 1956, L. B. Smith & Klein 7264 (HBR, R, US); Sao Francisco do Sui, I Dec 1950, Reitz 3697 (HBR); 9 Jan 195!, 3730 (HBR); 13 Jan 1951 , 3895 (HBR); 25 Apr 1951, 4008 (HBR); Cacupe, llha de Santa Catarina, 25 Mar 1950, lnst. Malariologia s n (HBR); Fachinal , Biguacu, 21 Jul 1951 , Reitz 4099 (HBR). Rio Grande do Sui (?): Cultivated , Porto Alegre, 29 Dec 1892, Lindman A -799 (S).

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Brazil Brazil South
  • Brazil Southeast


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