Pitcairnia macranthera 
  • Andr?, Rev. Hort. 60: 565 (1888)

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General Description

Stem erect, scan dent, bearing widely separated fascicles of leaves, elsewhere covered with large triangular-oblong mucronate dark-castaneous buff-lepidote sheaths. Leaves 5-6 dm long, petiolate; sheaths small, broadly ovate; petioles short, rather densely serrate with dark spines 2 mm long, buff-lepidote ; blades narrowly oblanceolate, acuminate, cuneate, 4-5 cm wide, entire, glabrous, reticulate beneath. Scape erect, 8 dm long; scape-bracts large, imbricate and tightly sheathing the scape, the lowest like those of the stem, the upper lanceolate, acuminate, green. Inflorescence .cylindric, 16 cm long, 3- 5 cm in diameter, the axis sparsely buff-lepidote. Floral bracts erect, densely imbricate, broadly ovate, acute, 48 mm long, even, glabrous, green; flowers 4-ranked; pedicels short but slender. Sepals linear-lanceolate, acuminate, uncinate, 6 cm long, much exceeding the bracts, glabrous; petals linear, acute, 12 cm long, about equaling the stamens, arcuatere-curved, white, bearing a serrate ligule at base; anthers 2 cm long; ovary 4/5 superior; ovules caudate.


Terrestrial, saxicolous, and epiphytic, thickets and forest, 80-900 m alt


southwestern Colombia and adjacent Ecuador. COLOMBIA. VALLE: Barco, Rio Cajambre, Pacific Coast, 21-30 Apr 1944, Cuatrecasas 17194 (VALLE); 30 km above Buenaventura, 8 Dec 1946, Foster 2336 (GH, very old, identity dubious). NARINO: Rio Cuaquer, May 1876, Andre 2051 in part (NY); Altaquer, Rio Cuaciquiere, 12 Nov 1946, Foster 2145 (COL, GH); Barbacoas, Santander (Buenavista) to Barbacoas, Rio Telembi drainage, 3-5 Aug 1948, Garda-Barriga 13159 (COL); 13166 (COL, US); La Guayacana, El Diviso to Tumaco, Pacific Coast, 10 Aug 1956, S. Vogel 54 (MAINZ). ECUADOR. IMBABURA: Lita, 28 May 1949, Acosta Solis 12552 (F).

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Western South America Colombia
  • Ecuador


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