Tenagocharis latifolia (D.Don) Buchenau
  • Nachr. Königl. Ges. Wiss. Georg-Augusts-Univ. 13: 238 (1869) 

General Description

Annual herb from a few inches up to more than 1 ft. high (including the inflorescences), with erect leaves; flowers white; in swamps.

Petioles (5–)10–20(–25) cm. long; leaf-blade 3–11(–15) × 1.5–3.5(–5) cm.; base cuneate; apex bluntly acuminate; nerves 3–7. Whorls of 3–11 flowers, rarely up to 20; pedicels 6–11 cm. long, angular; bracts membranous, triangular-lanceolate, up to 1.5 × 0.5 cm.; bracteoles about 6, membranous, smaller than the bracts. Sepals up to 7 × 4 mm. Petals white, very delicate. Stamens with filaments 2 mm. long elongating to 4 mm. long at maturity; anthers 2 mm. long. Carpels about 5 × 2 mm., with sessile stigmas. Fruiting carpels 9–12 mm. long. Seeds less than 0.5 mm. long, minutely warted. Fig. 1.


HAB. Marshes and swamps; 1080 m.

; in swamps.


Ghana: Nasia, N.T. (fr. Dec.) Vigne FH 4670! Kamba, Lawra (Nov.) Harris! Damongo to Yapei (Sept.) Hall CC 893!

Mali: Douentza (fr. Dec.) de Wailly 5293! Gorinnta, near Dogo (Apr.) Davey 607!

Sen.: Roger 69! Bakel Heudelot 126! Matam (fl. & fr. Nov.) Trochain 983! Carabane, Casamance (fr. Jan.) Chev. 2593!

Guin.: Siguiri (Nov.) Jac.-Fél. 520!

N. Nig.: Nupe Barter 1509! Dikwa (fl. & fr. Apr.) H. B. Johnston 82!

Uganda Soroti, 14 Sept. 1954, Lind 260!


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