Alstroemeria leporina Ehr.Bayer & Grau
  • Ehr.Bayer & Grau, Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml. M?nchen 18: 222 (1982)

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General Description

Planta perennis ad 45 alta. Caulis subtiliter puberulus, foliosus, eras sus, caesius. Folia al terna, linearia, acuta, sursum spectantia, puberula vel glabrescentia, caesia, incomplete inversa, 25 ad 80 mm longa et 2 ad 8 mm lata, 1nter dum margine levi ter undula ta et purpurea, f lorendi tempore frequenter sicca. Inflorescentia subumbellata, radiis 3 ad 8 ornata, basaliter bracteolata. Radius bracteolatus ad 2-florus petiole incluso ad 13 mm longus. Flores pro comparatione grandes, ovario incluso ad 60 mm longi. Tepala ta exteriora rosea, ad 50 mm longa et ad 25 mm lata, ungulcula ' distincte purpureo-mucronata, apicaliter crenulata vel interdum leviter incisa. Tepala interiora superiora duo erecta, ad 65 mm longa et 15 mm lata, oblanceolata vel anguste obtrullata basali ter canalicula ta, albescentia vel pallide rosea, apicaliter distincte rosea, infra apicem fasciatransversa aurea ad 6 mm lata interdum subtiliter rubro-lineata ornata. Tepalum interius basale obovatum ad 45 mm longum et 18 mm latum, roseum, basaliter pallescens, arcuatum. Ovarium ad 5 mm longum. Stamina ad 45 mm longa antheris luteis Capsula ad 15 nun longa, distincte ica ad 6 mm mucronata, ovoidea, straminea. Semina fusca, sphaer 1 ad 3 mm diametro.

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