Butomopsis lanceolata (Roxb.) Kunth
  • Enum. Pl. 3: 165 (1841) 

General Description

Rhizome short, bearing numerous slender rootlets. Leaves narrowly ovate, acute, tapering below into the petiole, membranous, entire, glabrous, with 2–6 secondary nerves pinnately arranged and converging towards the apex, up to 4 in. by 1 1/2 in.; petiole smooth, up to 10 in. long. Scape usually about 6-flowered, overtopping the leaves; peduncle terete, glabrous, up to 1 ft. long; bracts broadly ovate, acuminate, up to 9 lin. long; pedicels up to 4 in. long in fruit, usually straight. Sepals broadly ovate, acute or subobtuse, persistent and sheathing the base of the fruit. Petals 2/3 as long as the sepals, obovate, obtuse, fugacious, white. Stamens 9 or fewer; filaments dilated below; anthers shorter than the filaments, oblong. Ovaries ovoid. Follicles ovoid-oblong, acute, connate below, obscurely keeled on the dorsal side. Seeds scarcely 1/2 lin. long; testa crustaceous


Senegambia Heudelot, 126!

Kordofan in stagnant pools near Arashkol mountain, Kotschy, 193! in the White Nile at Omkenen, near Arashkol mountain, Steudner, 687!

Senegal Roger, 65!

Niger Nupe; in swamps, Barter, 1509!


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