Canthium subcordatum DC.
  • Prodr. 4: 473 (1830) 

This is a synonym of Psydrax subcordata (DC.) Bridson

General Description

Branches unarmed, terete, spreading, hispid-pubescent with short spreading hairs towards the extremities, glabrescent below. Leaves oval, obtuse or subacute, nearly rounded or subcordate at base, thinly coriaceous, glabrate above, hispidulous on the midrib and on the 7–8 pairs of lateral veins beneath, 1 1/2–3 1/2 by 3/4–2 in.; petiole 1/5– 1/4 in., hispidulous; stipules lanceolate-subulate from a broad base, 1/4 in. long, hispidulous outside, caducous. Flowers very small; peduncles bifid, cymose, many-flowered; stigma ovate (DC.). Fruit didymous or subdimidiate, 1/3– 1/2 in. long, on hispidulous pedicels of 1/4 in., in dichotomous cymes of 1 1/2–1 3/4 in.; common peduncle 3/4 in., puberulous or glabrate. Albumen ruminated.

A small or medium-size tree about 30 ft. or up to 80 ft. high with horizontal branches near the crown, slash whitish, buttresses at the base; flowers white, heavily scented; in the more open parts of high forests.


; in the more open parts of high forests.


S. Nig.: Usonigbe F.R., Benin (Oct.) Keay & Onochie FHI 19668! Jekri Isl., Sapoba R. (Oct.) A. F. Ross 217! Awka to Imofia, Onitsha (May) Jones FHI 496! Calabar Thomson 112! Eket Talbot 3041!

Senegambia in moist woods near Albreda, Gambia, Leprieur and Perrottet, Heudelot!

Iv. C.: Abidjan Chev. 15281! 15384. Bettié, Bas-Comoé Chev. 17581!

Gam.: Albreda Leprieur!

Guin.: Mt. Benna, Kindia (Dec.) Jac.-Fél. 2120! Labé Chev. 12347! 12353! Dalaba (fl. Sept., fr. Mar.) Chev. A! Langdale- Brown, 2609!

S. L.: Waterloo (July) Lane-Poole 293! Bonthe (fr. June) Deighton 4840! Njala (Apr.) Deighton 1137! Sefadu (May) Small 96! Loma Mts. (Nov.) Jaeger 415!

Ghana: E. Akim (June) JoAwion 736! Kumasi (fr. July) Andoh FH 5520! Burufo Plateau (Apr.) Adams 4029! Juaso Dalz. 159! Obuasi (fr. June) Andoh 4214!

Lib.: Kakatown Bequaert!


Prod. iv. p. 473.

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