Lobelia telekii Schweinf.
  • L.von Höhnel, Rudolph-Stephanie-See: 861 (1892) 

Notes: Distribution: E. Trop. Africa (Mt. Algon, Aberdare Range, Mt. Kenya)

General Description

Plant 1–4 m. tall in flower, erect, suckering from the base. Stem short, hollow, soft. Rosette-leaves sessile, 20–35 cm. long, 2–4 cm. wide, linear-lanceolate, acute at the apex, ± puberulous or glabrescent on both sides, sometimes villous towards the base; margin ciliate, entire; venation protruding beneath with lateral veins spreading at an acute angle and richly anastomosing. Inflorescence unbranched, dense, often starting practically from ground-level; pedicels ± 5 mm. long, glabrous or villous; bracts drooping, narrowly linear, 10–20(–25) cm. long, long-acuminate at the apex, long-ciliate to pubescent on the margin, otherwise sparsely villous to subglabrous; bracteoles inserted at the base of the pedicel, minute. Hypanthium subcylindric, 10-nerved, glabrous or villous. Calyx-lobes linear-acuminate, 7–13 mm. long, entire, long-ciliate. Corolla 14–18 mm. long, greenish blue, pale blue or purplish, split to the base on the back, ± pubescent outside, subglabrous on the inside of the tube; lobes linear, the lateral ones somewhat more deeply split than the middle ones. Filaments connate for most of their length and forming a firm tube, ciliate below, free from the corolla. Anther-tube ± 5 mm. long, glabrous on the back; 2 lower anthers barbate at the apex. Ovary subinferior. Capsule broadly cylindric, 10–15 mm. long with 2 distinct valves. Seeds broadly elliptic in outline, somewhat compressed, ± 0.7 mm. long, almost smooth, brown.


HAB. Upland grassland and moor to the snow-line; 2950–4550 m.


Kenya Aberdare Mts., Kinangop, N. slope, 13 July 1948. Hedberg 1548!

Kenya Mt. Kenya, Nanyuki–Chogoria [Chagoria] track, 19 June 1943, Moreau 155!

Uganda Mt. Elgon, from just below Madangi to foot of Jackson’s summit, 1930, Liebenberg 1617! & without precise locality, 6 Sept. 1932, A.S. Thomas 629! & Top Camp, 12 Nov. 1933, Tothill 2412!

Kenya Elgon, E. slope of Koitobos, 10 May 1948, Hedberg 861!


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Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa East Tropical Africa Kenya
  • Uganda


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