Hydnora africana Thunb.
  • Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 36: 69 (1775) 

Notes: Distribution: SW. Angola to Cape Prov.

General Description

rhizome horizontal angular, tuberculate, 1/4– 3/4 in. in diam.; tubercles obtuse; roots absent; flower erect, sessile or shortly pedunculate; perianth fleshy, tubular, flesh-coloured, externally rugose, smooth within, 5–6 in. long; segments 3 or very rarely 4, 2–3 in. long, oblong-ovate, subacute, apices inflexed, connivent, margins 1/2– 3/4 in. thick, furnished with ciliate ramenta, a large snow-white spongy body is present on the inner side of each segment; staminal column inserted below the middle of the perianth-tube forming a very short subcylindric ring; anthers numerous 2-celled, with the cells opening extrorsely and introrsely; ovary slightly broader than the perianth-tube; stigma short, cushion-like; fruit 3–4 in. in diam., thick, fleshy, subtrilobed.


South Africa Jansenville Div.; Zwartruggens, parasitic on roots of {i}Euphorbia, MacOwan, Herb. Austr.-Afr.{/i}, 1724!

South Africa without locality, {i}Ludwig, Zeyher{/i}, 1511!

South Africa Robertson Div.; Karoo near Kokmans Kloof, {i}Mund{/i}! Karoo, on roots of {i}Euphorbia{/i} and {i}Cotyledon, Thunberg{/i}.


in Vet. Akad. Handl. Stockh. 1775, 69, t. 2, figs. 1–3, and 1777, 144, t. 4, figs. 1–2;—Thunb. Nov. Gen. Pl. 24, and Fl. Cap. ed. Schultes, 499; F. Meyer in Nov. Act. Acad. Nat. Cur. xvi. 2, 775, t. 58; R. Br. in Trans. Linn. Soc. xix. 234, 245, tt. 27–30; Wedd. in Ann. Sc. Nat. 3 me sér. xiv. 173, t. 8, figs. 5–10; Chatin, Anat. t. 92 bis; Griff. in Trans. Linn. Soc. xix. 319; Hook. f. in DC. Prodr. xvii. 109; Marloth in Trans. S. Afr. Phil. Soc. xvi. 465, with fig.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Africa South Tropical Africa Angola
  • Southern Africa Botswana
  • Cape Provinces
  • Namibia


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