Clerodendrum buchananii (Roxb.) Walp.
  • Repert. Bot. Syst. 4: 108 (1845) 

Notes: Distribution: Malesia to SW. Pacific

General Description

An erect (or climbing?) shrub to c. 4 m high. Leaves 7.8–30 × 7.3–20 cm, broadly ovate to suborbicular, shortly acuminate at the apex, deeply cordate at the base, entire or minutely remotely dentate or repand-dentate, hairy above, more densely so beneath; petiole 1–16 cm long, stout, densely hairy. Cymes 7–15-flowered, disposed in terminal, paniculate or corymbose inflorescences; peduncles of the lower cymes 2–6 cm long; pedicels of the dichotomies 6–11 mm long; rhachis, peduncles and pedicels puberulous, reddish. Calyx 3–5 mm long, campanulate or cylindric-campanulate; lobes 1.25–2.5 mm, triangular, acute. Corolla bright red, scarlet or carmine; tube 1.2–3 cm long; lobes 7–15 × 4–5(6–8) mm, ± reflexed. Stamens exserted portion of 2–2.5 cm long; anthers c. 3 mm long, reddish; style 3–4 cm long, pink-red. Fruit 8–9 mm wide, at first green or dark green, later orange or bright blue, blue-violet to black.


Zambia Lusaka Forest Nursery, fl. 2.iii.1952, White 2296 (FHO).

Mozambique Jardim Tunduru (Jardim Vasco da Gama), fl. 24.xi.1971, Balsinhas 2279 (K; LMA).


Repert. Bot. Syst. 4: 108 (1845). —White, For. Fl. N. Rhod.: 365 (1962). —Moldenke in Phytologia 58: 283 (1985). Type from India.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Asia-Tropical Malesia Borneo
  • Jawa
  • Lesser Sunda Is.
  • Maluku
  • Sulawesi
  • Sumatera
  • Papuasia New Guinea
  • Pacific Southwestern Pacific Vanuatu


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